the b1UP Attitude

YOU are the 1 who can follow the Attitude to Be better than yesterday, to Be growing step by step, to Be dedicated on your goals,

to Be committed on your targets, to Be building your future, to Be falling in love with challenges, to b1UP every day!

Data and research done by the World Economic Forum, shows evidence that the to 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are far from what was on the top list at the beginning of the year 2000.

Automation will see a change in the roles we are looking for, the businesses we run and the jobs we do. The report believes complexity will increase and higher skills will be demanded – even for entry level tasks. This will require education systems, constant trainings and continuous learning to adapt to the change to equip the workers of the future with the skills they need.

Creativity will become one of the top three skills workers will need. With the avalanche of new products, new technologies and new ways of working and Doing Business, business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and workers will have to become more competitive and keep pace with the constant change and growth in order to benefit from these changes.

Top 10 skills that will drive Individual and Businesses progress in 2020

Continuous Learning

Personal Commitment

Forward Thinking


for Business & Being what you choose to focus on

for knowing that you are the 1 in charge

for constant growth and the future you want to be part of

Set of skills that will be required and will drive Individual and Businesses progress in 2035

For businesses to capitalize on the new opportunities created by the changes, they will need to put talent development and the future workforce strategy front and center to their growth. The accelerating pace of technological, demographic and socio-economic disruption is transforming industries and business models, changing the skills that business owners, managers and employers need and shortening the shelf-life of employees’ existing skill sets in the process. For example, technological disruptions such as robotics and machine learning—rather than completely replacing existing occupations and job categories—are likely to substitute specific tasks previously carried out as part of these jobs, freeing workers up to focus on new tasks and leading to rapidly changing core skill sets in these occupations   

By 2035, workplace changes will see us looking for jobs as remote pilots or online chaperones. How YOU as individual or business stay prepared, informed and up-to date to face that challenge? Change won’t wait for us: business leaders, , companies, educators and market makers, as well as YOU, all need to be proactive in up-skilling and retraining people so everyone can benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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  • Soft Skills 89% 89%
  • Negotiations Management 95% 95%
  • Decision Making 92% 92%
  • Problem Solving 93% 93%
  • Productivity Skills 93% 93%
  • Personal Development 98% 98%
  • Strategic Growth 87% 87%

Improvement isn’t inevitable. Change & Growth are.





Fall in love with challenges!

Fall in love with the b1UP Attitude!