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Do you have enough prospects in your sales pipeline?

How do you measure & control your marketing/sales/revenue ratios?

Does your product/service WOW your clients and do they ask for more?

How do you prioritize your markets and what do you benchmark your decisions against?



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Sales Management




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We help companiesbusiness professionals and entrepreneurs fall in love with challenges, grow their activities through collective know-how and apply cutting edge business surgery tools for sustainable growth. Our extensive business acumen, partners network, cutting edge business surgery tolls we use (including Harvard Business Tools) and continuously improving expertise allow us to deliver outstanding results to You and Your business.

We get all that delivered across various industries and geographies. We bring deep, practical & functional results & tailer-made solutions . We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Mr.Dechev was on the front line of the project operation, overseeing the delivery of services as well as interacting with customers and clients. For …

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s e r v i c e s :

Dechev Business has delivered many keynotes, business trainings, workshops & masterclasses in

UK, Portugal, USA, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Turkey, Germany and Austria.

There is a particular case study or project related to a specific part or department of your business?

We want to work closely with you and your team, step by step and get to the solutions needed.

Switch off the Autopilot. Let’s Grow!

Develop Your Business

Please note that a full evaluation on a project, case study and client’s needs analysis will be completed before both sides commit time & resources, and work relationship is established. We will only have you as a client, if it is confirmed that we can add an outstanding value to You and Your Business.

Improvement isn’t inevitable. Change & Growth are.

Geschäftswachstum! El crecimiento del negocio! ビジネス成長! La croissance des entreprises! 業務增長! Рост бизнеса! ازدهار العمل!