what some of the business professionals Dechev Business worked with share on the results achieved

Mr.Dechev’s enthusiasm, knowledge and open-mindless allowed him to integrate perfectly well in our group working on legal case studies. He is a parti…

Bernhard Schima │Harvard Law School │Belgium

Mr.Dechev was so helpful building a startup! His ability to learn fast and adapt but also his determination, pro-activity and creativity can tackle a…

Damien Bruneau │Entrepreneur │France

Mr.Dechev is a highly motivated, focused and experienced business professional. He is a constant achiever and performer. His credentials and achieve…

Jayant Rajpurohit │Management Consultant │India

Extremely impressed with the level of service provided – questions are always answered promptly, on time and with very good attention to detail and l…

James O'Sullivan│Executive Director │UK, Hong Kong

Working with Mr.Dechev was a great pleasure. He contributed to our project with not only his vast experience in & marketing but also his intelligence…

Burak PİŞKİN │Internal Auditor│Turkey

Mr.Dechev has strong Business Strategy skills, which he showed during the executive session of the 15th World Business Dialogue, which was organized …

Ebuka Nwosu │Entrepreneur │Nigeria

Dechev Business has delivered many business trainings, workshops & masterclasses and keynotes in

UK, Portugal, USA, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Turkey, Germany and Austria.



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