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Failure is an option. Yet a necessity.
If things are not “failing”, you are not trying, not learning, not growing, not innovating enough.
The possible outcomes are two.
You either win or learn.

Temelko Dechev is an Entrepreneur, Managing Partner at ExpandX Marketing & Web, Partner at Prosperamo, Partner at Goldies Media Group and takes a consulting role in Consilience Ventures. Temelko has extensive international business experience gained over the last 13 years. He has majors in Economics, Marketing, International Finance and Business Administration from universities in Bulgaria, Portugal, Austria and England.


Temelko has built and developed a number of brands and projects on various markets. As a marketing manager at Fantastic Services Group UK, for several years he developed from 0 and led a large team (sales, marketing, IT) and several services sold in UK markets. He has also took roles in several tech startups, as a marketing and sales manager.

Prior to founding ExpandX Marketing & Web, Temelko was Sales and Business Development Manager at one of the largest real estate companies in the UK, Martin & Co Group. In 2 years, the value of the portfolio of the London Bridge-based office he managed has risen to over £ 35 million.

Temelko Dechev has also worked on projects as a management consultant at Frenus GmbH with clients from leading telecommunications conglomerate operating in the DACH region and international companies operating in the sectors manufacturing, IoT, banking and automotive. Temelko was also involved in the global expansion activities of OSM International Group as Business Development and Marketing Manager.

Temelko is a delegate of the 15th World Business Dialogue, a YTILI Fellow of the US State Department, a TEDx speaker, founder and board member of JCI – World Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs. He has conducted numerous trainings with external and internal teams in sales, marketing and business development topics, seminars and master classes in UK, Portugal, USA, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Serbia, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Romania and others.




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